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to shape the experience of tomorrow.

About the company

The Box Partnership is a Hong Kong-based boutique consulting firm specialized in Food & Beverage, Hospitality and Retail. We advise clients in the Asia Pacific Region, the Middle East and Europe that are looking to open a business as well as clients that are facing difficulties with their existing business and need advice.

Our aim is to partner with you not only to advise you on the path to follow but to work hand in hand with you in order to provide you with all our expertise, knowledge and experience.

We keep up with trends and create the optimal business solutions for start-ups, industry veterans looking to enter their next phase of growth or to expand their presence in new emerging markets.

Meet our team

We work with international and passionate people.

  • Laura OffeManaging Director
  • Dimple KhiataniOffice Manager
  • Stephanie SzeGraphic Designer
  • Cherie CoProject Manager
  • Robyn FokMarketing Manager

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